Custom Geometry Program

Custom Geometry Program

Have a body type or riding position that doesn’t fit the mold of the “average” rider? Want to add cable stops for a dropper post or run a different drive train or brake routing? Need something more than our standard offerings? No problem!

Taking advantage of our all-inclusive, in-house design and manufacturing, we offer three levels of customization to accommodate most every frame configuration you can dream up.

Semi-Custom Level 1 (+ $225)

This is our basic level of customization. Under this category you can add cable stops and alter cable routing, make adjustments to top tube length or seat tube length with a jump to the next size in our standard build. For example: get an 18” sized frame with the top tube length of our standard 20” frame.

ht, tt, st change to next jig size

Semi-Custom Level 2 (+ $375)

This is our medium level of customization. In addition to the options available in our semi-custom level 1 build, under this category you can get a frame built with custom specified fork length, head angle, seat tube length, seat post diameter, non-standard tubing diameters and/or configuration.

ht, tt, st change to any jig/size

Full Custom (+$850)

This is our premier level of customization. Under this category you can get a nearly anything required to make your bike fit your body, your riding style, or your individual tastes with the help of Sherwood as your designer. Working directly with Sherwood via email and telephone to get the full specifications for your dream machine, Sherwood will combine your wish list with his engineering expertise and draw up and submit a drawing of your frame to you for approval.

Like the drawing? Sign off and return to Ventana and we will commence building your dream machine.

Don’t like the drawing? Need more detail? No problem. Mark up your drawing, call us up or send us an email with necessary changes and Sherwood will incorporate them into a new/modified drawing and submit it to you for your approval. This process is repeated until you are completely satisfied with the design of your machine and when you are, simply sign off the drawing and return to Ventana and we will proceed with your build.

We will not begin to build a full custom frame until we have received a signed and dated approved frame drawing.

custom fit & drawing to customer specs

To get the process started, give us a call at 916-631-0544, ext. 203 or email teresa@ventanausa.com